• Tamara Williams

We all have Million Dollar Dreams!

Reading, PA- KING x STATIC, the combo of two HIP HOP musicians, are ready to charge the fans with this season's Million Dollar Dreams. The Duo is signed with THAT Management Group, the same platform which lifted the fans off their feet earlier this year with the release of PWA (Pretty With Attitude). While locked down, fans can move on the beat of Million Dollar Dreams on different online music platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple iTunes, Pandora, and many more.

High school in Reading, PA, was the place of discovery for both artists. This Duo started to crystallize there imbued passion for HIP HOP and RAP, and on their way to becoming a brand, they rightly found THAT Management Group. The group is now attuning the frequencies of Rebirth, the E.P of KING x STATIC. With the help of professionals in TMG, KING x STATIC has been able to simmer their rawness of music to such a fine taste that their mantra makes their fans say WOW. Apart from their stardom on social media, KING x STATIC has been successfully infusing high spirits in the crowd while performing shows in Reading, Philadelphia, and New York.

While playing for today's generation, the Duo is attempting to bring the 90s primitive Hip Hop flows back. This fusion of old glory and grace of HIP HOP into the modern and intricate architecture of music is making these RAP artists a sensation. THAT Management Group is making all this possible. Making beats synthesized and synchronized for musicians, TMG is evolving into the perfect forum for young artists. KING x STATIC has been part of TMG since their beginning, and the group expresses their experience as "their fans love the music they release, in the words of a few fans; the music is fire."

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