• Tamara Williams

Music Management

Do I need a manager? When should I add a manager to my team? Are a few of the questions I have heard a lot lately. The internet has had a lot to say about music management and artists, especially the up and coming musicians.

Here is my take on the music management debacle.

If you are reading this, then you, too, are curious as to whether you need management or not. Managers, in my opinion, is a vital part of any musicians team, they can bring so much to the table. They assist you with time management from inception. They afford you the chance to focus on your music at the beginning stages. I call that Stage 1 - Focus. Becoming an Artist is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication from both the Artist and the manager.

They are many responsibilities that an Artist needs to take care of to get their career off of the ground. There is so much juggling the Artist has to do, and having a manager would help take the strain off by handling the business side of things.

A manager's position is to manage the day to day task necessary to ensure that the Artist career keeps moving. He or she also builds lasting relationships with label reps, promoters, agents, and other individuals that are a part of the industry.

Of course, finding a well-connected manager is not as easy for the new Artist to find. Instead, you get the one person who strongly believes in you and your talent. That fanatic, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, sister, or brother has your best interest at heart and will dedicate all of their time and hard work to see you succeed. In essence, the same way the well-connected manager made connections, your not so well-connected manager can do the same.

Good luck on your musical journey, and keep grinding.

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