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Iyanna Upsher Releases Her Brand-New Track “Rose with Thorns”

Reading, PA-based R&B artist and songwriter Iyanna Upsher gets ready to mesmerize the R&B fans with her new single “Rose with Thorns” under the banner of THAT Management Group. As her previous songs, this single will also be available on all virtual music platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple iTunes, Pandora, and many more. 

Born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in Reading, PA, Iyanna stayed true to her community legacy of “R&B.” She felt the strings of music within herself in her childhood and kept on harmonizing with that instilled fervor. Choosing her way of being a singer at 12, she is now a rising star in the music industry. She has already made her audience move in rhythm earlier this year with her single "Feel up on me". Following this composition, she was hailed in her stage performances in Reading and Philadelphia, and her expanding social media followership vouches for that.

The passion of Iyanna could be felt in her vocals, the heritage that she carries in her genetics, and the way she responds to her vibes makes her soar high and produce captivating compositions. She is hoping to leave a long-lasting impression on anyone that hears her music. Her aura is not only felt by her fans but also by industry professionals, and this is why she has been picked by THAT Management Group. A talent management company that caters to the artists and currently paving the way to Iyanna’s E.P. In their words “Iyanna has such a melodious voice, her passion for music is what drives her to produce such beautiful music.”

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