King x static

This Hip Hop duo attempting to bring the 80s, 90s Hip Hop flow back. These fellas have created their path and are ready to introduce their original sound to the world. As cliché, as it may sound this dynamic duo, has great music. Their music is out on all music platforms–Spotify, SoundCloud, and many more. Funny enough these two were both born in Brooklyn, NY, and moved to Reading, PA. They met in High School and discovered that they are distant cousins with the same passion for music. These two played a few shows in Reading, Philadelphia, and New York and has quite a following on their social media platform.

In the early stages of their music career with hopes of becoming performers and professional rap artists. Natural ability will only take these talented artists so far; however, strong will and determination have helped push these artists forward and continues to drive their development and success.

King x Static has music on all platforms. They also have a new single out "PWA (Pretty With Attitude)" that has been gaining a lot of traction amongst their peers. 

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